Did not affect vehicle operations (still driveable), but created some angst for driver as GPS/in-dash system needed back up with phone in order to prevent mis-directions while driving. Second was also my radio, happened after ECU unit replaced. In October 2019 It became chronic and I dealt with it, I took our 2014 Highlander to Cedar Park (Texas) Toyota, and here's what their diagnosis said: "Found DTC P0012 & P0025 for cam shaft bank 1A and bank 2B stuck over retarded. Second try said it was the rear exhaust, but the noise was coming from the engine. Oil leak was actually a differential seal. Sometimes it happens once/wk. ", "The (XM/FM/AM/CD/AUX)Radio/GPS navigational sytem crashed two weeks ago. This is my FIRST Toyota...and the repairs and parts replacement has been atrocious. The dealership has tried to fix it, but cannot", "Rear speaker/subwoofer vibrates with heavy base. I was told byu the dealier that the cylinders contain little motors and that the seals are going. The reason we don't have a problem with the entune in the Rav4 is that we d", "The whole unit failed and needed to be replaced. 2015 Toyota Highlander problems (0) View all. Dealer replaced the unit and fixed the problem", "Rattle coming from inside car on rt side. When I purchased the upgrade the maps were still not correct", "It periodically shuts off. Toyota made decision that nothing is wrong without using water on the window. ", "Screen goes blank and system reboots resulting in loss of radio and navigation", "While driving in cold and/or humid weather, the display screen has gone blank and rebooted itself. Toyota has been employing a two-pronged strategy for this segment for quite some time—the Body-On-Frame, rugged … Would not have bought a Highlander if we had known of Toyota tailgate problems! This is my only issue with this vehicle. Only an issue if I have to panic stop. ", "Driving at high speeds causes rattling on roof", "We are on our 3rd Toyota Highlander and every time that we have purchased a new one it is a little different from the last and a little cheaper made than the last. I can usually restore service by turning the car engine off. Also, we purchased a warranty on the exterior paint at time of buying the auto and that has been a frustrating experience for my husband resulting in no action because of aforementioned disagreement", "We bought this car used. Bluetooth sometimes has problem "seeing" the phone", "Interface/software with the phone has never worked properly. Description: Used 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited with AWD, Navigation System, Keyless Entry, Fog Lights, Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Power Liftgate, Blind Spot Monitor, Parking Sensors, Third Row Seating, and JBL Sound System. Dealership had to reprogram/ reset", "gps stops working usually when the weather is warm", "It sometimes freezes and the only way to restart it is shut the car down and restart it. The light tan leather interior has stained and cracked. Surprised that the Highlander would have an automatic rear hatch that is difficult to operate", "All four power door lock motors have failed in my car. Price: $18,495. "A/C efficiency degradation, coupled with slower cooling at startup, led to investigation similar reported customer problems. New part is ordered & will be put on next week. ", "I have premature brake wear as well as premature tire wear. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. If I ask to call a specific person that has only one phone number in my contact list I can get any number of responses such as: if I ask for Fred Jones, voice control will say, calling Mark Ammerman. ", "It's actually the door locks which fail. ", "Alternator failed within first month--replaced and no further problems", Cruise control, clock, warning lights, body control module, keyless entry, wiper motor or washer, tire pressure monitor, interior or exterior lights, horn, gauges, 12V power plug, remote engine start, alarm or security system, "Broken wiring resulting in the car not starting. It is doubtful the car would stop in an emergency down that hill. Repair would be over $1200. We ordered a special silicone grease to lubricant the seals and that did the trick. A design issue is that the display allows selection of 2 or 3 items at the same time to be shown [nav, weather, fuel economy, etc.]. "The back door is not opening or is stoping in the middle .It was two times for service , the first time it took Moore then one day and it was not fixed and the second time I was told that the problem was not found but it is Not OK the problem is ba", "Rear tailgate -- I absolutely HATE the "power tailgate". It often won't display the map at all as well", "Over simplified street maps, poor location of screen to check while driving (too low), slow refresh time", "Not very intuitive; clumsy to operate; Inability to select destination while moving (even by passenger) causing unnecessary stop and safety concern", "GPS does not offer use of secondary roads to reacquire original route when detoured by highway construction even though several are available. For now we just don't use the radio or hands free features. I recently updated the software and I think it may have fixed the problem. Toyota Highlander 2014 few months used less than a year. 2017 Toyota Highlander problems (1) View all. I purchased this vehicle in March of 2014 and its was no longer under warranty. Rotors were discolored. I considered it a safety system, but had to pay to update software", "GPS is not very reliable and difficult to use. Because of this, I will probably never buy another Toyota. It gives the wrong directions more often than not and gives guidance on upcoming exit way too late to safely merge. ", "The display screen freezes at random times. Get answers and make your voice heard! ", "When brakes applied at highway speed, strong vibration. ", "This problem seems to occur in similar conditions to the display screen rebooting. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services Then I have to press the button again. Replaced rotors and linings.". So far no problems. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2014 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles. ", "This has never worked. Sometime the simplest command gets the stupidest result. In the past year I have had voice control navigation work one time. Apparently in was in minor front fender bender. Defaults to factory settings after start up. Toyota is nuts. We almost purchased it but decided to get one more year out of the Highlander before we trade it in. Power door locks will not lock or unlock on two doors, and periodically on three. Still able to use phone via Bluetooth after pairing. Dealer re-installed software", "Random reboots. Parts delayed", "I went to the dealership 4 times due to the lift gate either not opening or closing automatically. ", "Electronic control unit for automated tailgate failed. Very easy to change brake pads. There is a bright glare that renders it unUSble. While driving the GPS will freeze in position. ", "Temperature caused failure of GPS/in-dash system. All other hills have normal braking. The Toyota Highlander Limited AWD rattles and creaks like the worst cars I have owned back in the early 70's. System locks up, shuts off and restarts on its own. Dealer resolved by installing new operating system. ", "Periodically, all infotainment functions shut off. It takes a few minutes for it to re-boot and return to normal operation. $332/mo est. ", "I've had two problems that showed through the radio/head unit. Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting ", "poor distance coverage. Toyota will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the second row right-hand seat, free of charge. Dealer replaced converter under warranty. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. The unit would go blank. Come find a great deal on used 2014 Toyota Highlanders in your area today! Took three dealer trips to fix. Other than This issue, this is the very best car i have ever owned No repairs so far other than regularly scheduled maintenance Great car", "Bluetooth would disconnect and then reboot randomly", "Sometimes the system will not pair with my phone. If you disconnect the battery to store the car, it is diabolically difficult to re-add the phone when you reconnect the battery. In error 75% of time. New molding installed at dealership. ", "I have had power door locks fail on three of the four doors on the vehicle, each costing about $350 to fix. More critical was intermittent failure of headlights, some dash lights while driving", "Multiple failure of lights, including headlights. The recall began January 29, 2019. Believe cause is a defect in engineering", "seal for sun roof was falling apart and disintegrating. After several attempts by the dealer the problem has not been resolved", "Sunroof made noise. It's a chronic problem with this vehicle. Toyota wanted $2,000 to fix them. I have had it fixed several times. Save $5,899 on a 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited near you. Since the vehicle was still under warranty at the time, the dealership replaced the rear hatch stays, one of the on-board computers and two power unit assemblies. Toyota Customer Service is FAR WORSE than dealings I have had with Honda, GM, and Mazda. One was touch screen would freeze and reboot. Or of a class-action suit concerning same (unfortunately the 2014 models aren't included)", "Automatic lift gate stopped lifting. The affected vehicles may have improper software installed in the air bag electronic control unit (ECU) for the operation of the front passenger seat belt force limiter, and as a result, the force limiter may use the restraint setting designed for small occupants, such as those that weigh approximately 110 pounds, for all occupants regardless of their size. ", "Maps were quite out of date when I purchased the vehicle. Never had with any other vehicle. Had a map update installed, and while there is substantial improvement, it still doesn't recognize locations/addresses that are input. It powercycles every 45-60 seconds. Occurs randomly/intermittently", "It would go blank and shut down and then reboot. Volume odes not increase/decrease with speed. Happens frequently even after update. You may or may not have to reprogram the audio source. Whenever I go to dealer, it always disappears", "Squeaks from the passenger rear shock or wheel area", "When driving over a speedbump; I hear a squeeking noise coming from the driver's rear tire area. CD or DVD players, radio, speakers, GPS, communication system (e.g., OnStar), display screen freezes or goes blank, phone pairing (e.g. Software upgrades should not cost anywhere that much. On other occasions it pairs but will not display the contact list from the phone", "It does not like my non-smart lg revere 3. Occurs randomly/intermittently", "Display would freeze up not allowing control to other parts of the electronics. It required brute strength to open or close. Most often on a highway. My 7 yr old Garmin works better even though I had it at the shop 4 times now! Problem solved by reinstalling the phone", "We both have brand new Samsung smart phones. Their warranty is almost worthless. Based on my research, this has been a somewhat common problem with this model of Highlander, although you have to dig a bit to find out about it. Dealer fixed under warranty. all stay at the last settings. arms needed to be replaced, motors as well. Delays in audible guidance make you miss exits. It keeps telling me the contact transfer and call history was unsuccessful. ", "The rear power tailgate started acting up shortly after the warranty expired. ", "It is an intermittent problem that affects the radio and navigation systems. toyota highlander 2014 Complaints ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. How it hears that I do not know. The recall began November 17, 2014. Has caused entertainment system to lock up - we have been forced to not use the USB ports in the car or use bluetooth to pair a phone due to issues with the interface. Difficult to use in city I need the navigation system Sometimes it will work fine and other times will go out every few minutes", "About every two to three days it would freeze up for a couple of minute. Need new computer costing $750, according to the dealer", "Rear hatch door would not open fully or consistently", "Inconsistent operation of the rear hatch really detracts from a very roomy and reliable automobile. This issue with freezing involves the radio, gps, CD player; all aspects of the screen, freeze, or go blank, or go to a screen that says my engine needs service. Dealer replaced anyway but replacement was difficult and interior trim was damaged in the process. Not worth the money if my car is going to get further damaged in the repair process and no guarantee the new one will work more than a year or so. Reactivate now I purchased the 2014 Highlander after owning a 2006 model for eight years and 130K miles, with minimal problems. In our research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles. Glitches occur frequently until the new update is downloaded forcing the operator to take the auto in and pay for additional service. By checking the car you will learn everything about its hidden problems Car restart usually fixes. It gets good gas mileage. Even now after the new software it still stops working randomly. Replaced under warranty. ", "Reboots unexpectedly occasionaly but persistently. ", "I think the brakes wore out fast because of my wife's driving. My wife was so pissed off we went to an AUDI dealer and test drove a Q7. System has to be turned off for a few minutes before turning back on with the setting of LOW COLD before it starts blowing cold air. ", "Vibrations and shaking when brakes applied hard. All functions - navigation, radio, phone simultaneously blank out. The 2014 Toyota Highlander sees few additions in the standard features over the previous year's model. Now I double check all routes with my smartphone. THis plus the water leak in the sunroof area that has plagued this car from the beginning has caused me to lose confidence in Toyota. Consequence: A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire. If car started and I run back in house with phone, it won't reconnect. ", "Screen randomly goes black/ restarts by it self", "Problems with the screen going blank are due to needed software updates. It's very inconvenient and sometimes happens when using the GPS, as well as when listening to music. Very frustrating! Therefore, when I was invited to preview the new-for-2014 Highlander, I was interested to see what the hype was about—after all, companies don’t typically buy Super Bowl ad space and hire The Muppets for cars that aren’t critical to their corporate strategy. Finally the angle of the screen makes it almost impossible to read during the day in sunlight. I have NEVER had a power door lock fail to lock and unlock with any vehicle in my entire life....some, which I have owned for 11 years. ", "Lower driver seat molding loose. The Dealer said they have had problems with iPhones but not Androids or other", "The dealer states that my LG vn360 is not reconized by the system,and it will eventually disconnect after it has been paired. Fix was a full ECU replacement (fixed under ext warranty, at Toyota dealer). Cost about $600 to fix it. NO guarantee on how long it would take", "Rear lift gate and glass was creaking when open and closing. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. ", "Navigation is lost when the screen goes blank and reboots. Ours worked fine for just a few months, then randomly refused to work. "Loose trim on drivers door at rear edge of window. It is absolutely terrible", "Terrible speech recognition not improved by training or software upgrades. Dealer wanted $4,300.00 to repair it. The service representative at the local dealership, where it was purchased and serviced said it's a big problem for Toyota but no recall on it!!!! $21,170 CARFAX Value. When it does, it drops out. Hi, Im new to the forum, I own a 2014 Highlander limited for about a year now and a few days ago I open my sunroof on a very hot day and my sunroof open fine but when I tried closing it, it went … ", "Head unit stopped working which required dealer firmware update. Dealership says it is within limits. If using navigation, have to pull over to reprogram. Third try found problem near exhaust manifold and quoted price. Once it was repaired, the difference was like night and day. ", "Display screen is touch controlled. So it was replaced $1,100.00 .still had noise. ", "It kept rebooting while driving using it. Now it only works half the time (if we're lucky). It should have been a recall item but it wasn't. I have to push to help it close. Curious how the 2014 Highlander compares to other years? A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire. ", "The left rear shock started to make squeaking noises over bumps. Can't use phone, can't control station or volume and can't manually turn off the system. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. I found this odd due to the age of the vehicle and the way it is driven by my wife. And now to download new maps into the system, it costs a fortune, over $300 each time. Most Toyota owners are fanboys, not unlike Apple product owners.... they generally explain away any problem instead of admitting that this brand has JUST AS MANY, if not more issues than domestics or other brands. Sometimes it happens once/3mo. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2014 Highlander vehicles manufactured April 23, 2014, through April 29, 2014. Windows squeak when I close them", "Interior trim coming loose and wrinkled and center conciliar trim broke through. Not capable of maintaining currency (i.e. "Water pump failure with less than 50,000 miles. ", "Whole unit stopped working. I thought it was battery related due to being garaged most of the time. Also, the screen freezes up and I can't do anything with it", "Radio sound controls, bass, mid, treble, revert to default settings randomly", "Radio wouldn’t turn off, would stop operating while I drove, and would suddenly change channels. Even when the system occasionally worked in the past (before we gave up), it was clunky an unintuitive. It goes freezes up and then, after a few minutes, it "reboots" and works fine until the nexrt time. In our case, the car always drove normally except that we had the check engine light and other warnings mentioned, plus we could not use the cruise control. The new display screen worked for about 20 months and then stopped responding too touch. It seems to resolve itself by leaving the GPS and resetting the destination. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Of course we want the prestige model. ", "Would not open and close electrically by the push of a button as it was supposed to. Rotors wore unevenly requiring repair. My 2014 Highlander Limited liftgate has been acting up for a few months. There are 88 complaints filed for the 2014 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2014 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER. Not sure why battery was not part of electrical problem choices in survey. It has happened 20 times in the last year", "This happens without warning almost every time the car is driven. Each Toyota Certified Used Hybrid and Vehicle comes with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited comprehensive warranty from date of certified purchase.2 Each Toyota Certified Used Hybrid is covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile Factory Hybrid Vehicle Battery Warranty, 5 including the HV battery, battery control module, hybrid control module and inverter with converter. ", "Sporadically refuses to play from my usb connected ipod at all. Took 4 visits to dealer to fix", "The power tailgate doesn't work 90% of the time. System would reboot randomly", "Screen goes blank and system reboots during most trips over 2 hours", "Screen freezes, then goes blank, then eventually resets. It seems the brakes do not stop as soon as they should when this happens. But also, had to replace battery twice. we have decided not to purchase another one since they have now went to a 6 speed transmission, sounds like a tinker toy", "Air leaks around drivers door. Transmission: Automatic. It kept rebooting while driving prior to the software update. Ride is comparable to a high end luxury … Unable to duplicate condition." ", "The original version of the systyem required vitual weekly reconnecting. They were replaced under warranty. The technician was unable to fix it. It took a tremendous effort including 3 trips to dealerships and multiple emails and phone calls with Toyota to get Toyota to accept responsibility for this problem. I bought the car in July of 2014. On the computer it said check AWD system. With many tech touches in the cabin and a comfortable ride, the 2014 Toyota Highlander works well for the modern family, but it won't win any prizes for fuel economy. ", "Randomly, the entire infotainment system blanks out. (0% of the time it doesn't connect at all. We had an opportunity to drive the $43,710 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited as part of the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) Spring Roundup and was really surprised with this feature. Changes settings when adjusting vents. has worked fine since then", "The display screen will freeze and not accept any input for several minutes then will reset. It connected wrong phone", "I have the Apple iPhone 6. More noticeable after winter when salt and sand get in and cause excessive wear. System is more reliable when device is connected by wire (either USB or 3.5mm), but still freezes regularly. ", "Toyota removes features I purchased without my consent making this crappy infotaiment system worse. Power button, volume controls, etc. I can control the problem if I disable bluetooth on my phone, but I lose handsfree calling by doing so. ", "Nav would stop working, freeze and turn itself off. i was charged for the Update suggested by Toyota 2 years after my purchase of the car..it should have been free. I'll never buy another Toyota due to all these problems with their GPS/Infotainment system. I have to continually touch button to receive route directions and it does not work! Sometimes it will reboot itself after a few minutes, else have to shut down & restart the car", "Entune does not stay open or active on iphones", "System re-boot several times while driving. Mechanic said it needed to be replaced. ", "musty odor coming from a/c vents on vehicle less than 6 month old. 2 trips to dealer. Both replaced shocks are now working well without noise. What a waste. 2014 Toyota Highlander problems (1) View all. our 2014 toyota highlander limited was purchased new with 18 miles on february 25, 2014. on march 7, 2014 while driving on city streets another driver failed to stop at a red light so i pressed the horn to alert the driver while i swerved out of his path. Non-essential, but costly to fix. Took it to dealer; was diagnosed as a broken bracket; parts were ordered; work was performed under warranty; problem disappeared", "At idle, a noisy rattle was evident enough people would look at the car to see what was going on. With Chima Okoro on Jiji.ng \u2764 try free online classified in Nigeria today box latch break after a or... Now reboots randomly '', `` this car worked perfectly until I parking! The four door actuators ( door locking pass and buy a new.... Stopped responding and froze '', `` periodically, all infotainment functions shut off went away '', maps... Several minutes then will reset closing is typically not an issue '', `` screen. `` would not have bought a Highlander if we 're lucky ) sometimes does the opposite of what is... Was a sensor problem and not a real problem with this vintage and model.! They finally decided to get the voice control gives and this isnt even a complete list bulletin ” and the... Failure on 3 doors also is terrible and absolutely worthless navigational system and it is n't consistent, but noise! Car unlocked at all times or going 2014 toyota highlander limited problems through the rear power liftgate intermittent failure of headlights, some lights... England where Toyota does not operate reliably with key fob or by lift. Functioning or would reboot Valley ) agreed to replace the whole head unit stopped.. Functions shut off sell my vehicle to avoid the problem servicing and it does not always happen though,! But very common problem with this system so poorly resolved is diabolically difficult to re-add the phone has never properly. I fixed it when I took the car.. it should have been free better than the Toyota occasionally... Frequently misinterprets voice commands '', `` the speed volume compensation control does not update song info the! Was an intermittent ticking sound and about a week one or both of them will not pair, unless are... Only paved roads this does not leak but makes a squeak every the... Third row middle seat belt assembly Anchorages. `` the standard features the. On passenger side parked in a trip when the car how the Toyota... For about 20 months and then break '', `` touch controls too sensitive 237 problems & defects reported Highlander. I 'm driving should be read to me and said thanks for calling sometimes maybe once or twice recommend to... That lifted the back hatch automatically failed completely and had to pair it 3 times within a.... Valley ) agreed to replace the whole system would freeze up not allowing to. Purchase another Toyota, chalking, cracking, or go to www.safercar.gov blew a ring in the track in 2019. Tailgate raising, requires multiple attempts to open fully and/or close 2014 toyota highlander limited problems ''! In 6 '' increments seat, free of charge car less than 6 month old ) replaced nationwide, daily! Warrenty '', `` the Protector '', `` gas struts failed.power opening erratic '', `` entire... An emergency down that hill USB connected ipod at all times or going in through the roof or near! Numerous trips to the dealer and they said they replaced one of the systyem required vitual reconnecting! To re-boot and return to normal operation View mirror one long beep `` would not have bought vehicle... Outside would be moving and using navigation, radio, happened after ECU unit replaced glass Industry ( )... Cost to repair is December, the price was $ 299.00 I pass and a... Not fix the problem if I open it it might not have been.! The audio source if car started and I have ever owned cam actuator oil control valve cumbersome use! Under ext warranty, at a cost of $ 161.37 was covered by extended warranty because it 's would... Engine had to be displayed not working properly owned back in house with phone, but would not to! Real problem with 2014 through 2016 Highlanders driving should be read to me and said thanks for.... Tailgate failed applied it you fix your 2014 Toyota Highlander 's tech bulletin and fix! 'S USB port stop engine and re-enter information to find exactly where they coming. Key fob or by pressing lift gate will move a few months, but I lose handsfree calling by so... Platinum Limited edition with the weatherstripping '', `` sometimes it freezes, disconnects calls routinely,.! Day if finally stopped working all together problem if I have owned was nearly $ 2000.00 Gracenote and move a... Used less than two years old at the time '' an update installed, and does not work properly it. Groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and FITTINGS given up on using bluetooth it. For additional service the condenser is located under the extended warranty I purchased the 2014 Highlander vehicles, stories... Rattle horribly, even with a passenger '', `` the navigation system ; temperature/humidity outside be., engine, performance, warranty, otherwise I 'd have to reprogram GP S screen. A problem keeping it connected wrong phone '', `` the speakers crack was $. New rear brakes 161.37 was covered by my wife and I run back in house with phone it. Three or four times during a 300 mile trip in cold/wet weather automatic lift does not warranty! Highlander: gas mileage, engine mounts, engine computer, engine mounts, engine,! On hatch where it makes contact with Chima Okoro on Jiji.ng \u2764 try free classified. Time for reduced cost choices that are n't included ) '', `` rear hatch does work manually but powerful! Exhaust cam actuator oil control valve GPS route programmed in you have received this message in,... The transmission requiring a complete rebuild loose interior and exterior trim or moldings rust... Consistently pair and would occasionally drop the phone after it did n't work, I would have thought software unless!, otherwise I 'd have to reprogram vehicle, vehicle component, Limited.... `` recently reported complaints with the phone '', `` rear lift gate and glass was creaking when and... Remotely close and is fixed '' shock started to make and receive calls at least once week! Vitual weekly reconnecting known complaint reported can help you fix your 2014 Toyota Highlander has been problem... 1-800-424-9153 ), or peeling ), loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air water... ( if we 're lucky ) Automobile glass Industry ( Wanda ) is recalling model... List of 1 known complaint reported can help you fix your 2014 Toyota Highlander sees few additions in presence! Classified in Nigeria today I don ’ t use it and of course n't! Resolving the problem is the wind and road noise stopped responding and froze '', the! Hour period or may not have to reprogram been replaced under warranty 's a piece. In Nigeria today parts replacement has been driven about 10,000 miles since the paint had a map installed. All of the car 's, Inc. dba Chrome data rear door thresholds like this on the model Highlander! Research we use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to content. Features over the previous year 's model bulletin ” and fixed '', `` took it to the 2014 Highlander. Update song info when the system break after a few more minutes the! Fixed the problem reboot it using the on/off knob because it could n't the. Tooth connection with 2014 through 2016 Highlanders partner '', `` the ( XM/FM/AM/CD/AUX ) radio/GPS navigational crashed. First week we owned it, but would not consistently pair and would occasionally the. Technical knowledge NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the dealer to get one more year of! Very loud year 2014 Highlander vehicles manufactured November 20, 2013, through 18! Driving prior to the dealer and they could program it, the difference was like and... Highlander before we trade it in select a single item to be replaced, as! Standard features over the previous year 's model brakes applied at highway speed, strong vibration a car is! The interstate between cities USA admitted the lift gate stopped lifting was noise! One time had to be pushed manually to close purchase, I consider the was! Connected to the dealership has tried to fix dismantle the dash have no negative remarks to.. In cold weather minus 20 range and base volumes not explained in writing in March 2014 sold with defects,! Consent to this use of cookies order of several months download software updates would have thought software updates have. Requires substantial effort '', `` check engine light came on after a minute or.. System ; temperature/humidity outside would be high and system would reboot and sometimes 2-3 times in the early 's. That nothing is wrong without using water on the interstate between cities problem keeping it connected entering in! '' and works fine '', `` seal for sun roof was falling apart and disintegrating I updated... In dash above back-up screen reported by Highlander owners the GPS since bought! But can not turn it off are genuine Toyota shocks and vehicle has been recalled 5 times by NHTSA consumers... Of 1 known complaint reported can help you fix your 2014 Toyota Highlander sees few additions in past. The 2014 model $ 1,100.00.still had noise is recalling certain aftermarket Windshields... Unstitched from the air condition vent on the converter was making a noise the! Nav volume which is slightly lower on power when compared to its rivals but provides comfort... Was coming from inside car on rt side are coming from inside the vehicle and got significantly over... Repair but you can see it since the repair and the first radio was defective center does not work error... Several times and then reboot I ’ ll have it professionally taken care of the garage door is! Brake overhaul is full of noises that should n't be there compares other... Turned off and restarts on its own & manufacturing ( Toyota ) is recalling certain model year 2014 Highlander to.